Monday, March 30, 2009

Rock Climber???

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When I saw my friend, Jeff's photos especially landcapes, I realize that I'd used to do landscape photography when I was still working as a Valuation Assitant. At that time, I was still using a film compact camera. I do a lot of landscape for landed properties & photomerge the photos which turn a wide angle which look like a fish eye. Those days, digital photography have not been born yet. So, lately, while doing my assigment here in KK, I snapped the city & Likas Stadium in a vertical position of 5/6 pics each angle with free hand, no tripod. Then I merged the photos in photoshop. And here's the result...Well, though it's not really perfect as I can see but worth it...

Likas Stadium

Likas Stadium

Kota Kinabalu City

Monday, March 16, 2009

Outing at Melohom Beach...

While on my way back from Keningau, Greg called me up & ask me if I wanna join them to Melohom Beach. I was thinking that I want to have a rest after a long week at Pendalaman Bawah. Well, I couldn't say no coz I've never been there before. so, go for it!!

Kuai & Lumis


Lumis, Kuai & Zi

Lumis, Greg & Jeff

Kuai, Jeff, Lumis & Zi