Tuesday, January 27, 2009


While waiting for my colleagues pump up the gas, I was setting my camera & here it goes, snapped myself thru the side mirror.

At last....

It sounds like that I just entering a new world or being reborn, that is, year 2009, Ox's year! For crying out loud!!! My broadband connection has been giving me problems in accessing my blog & other's blog for the past 2 months. Thanks to my brother! Coz he applied a streamyx at home. He just came back from Shell offshore at Dubai. As we all know, working at offshore has a very very good pay & my brother got the job in october last year. I'm glad that he got the job. Hmm...I wish I could have that job too. But somehow, I am well content with what I have now. Praise God!

Mmm...right now, I'm still thinking about what am i going to do with my blog. My blog is suppose to be a photography things where I upload all my shots & to share my experience in photography. But when I come to think of it, I already have my photography things, that is at my Flickr. And soon, my bro, Kid Amos is gonna upload some of my wedding shots in our own website at http://www.kdkcproduction.com/about.html in February.

I can see that all bloggers alway updating their blogs every now & then. Not only that, new layout, headers, templates, widgets & etc...Well, I'm just amazed what they are doing. I hope I can do that too...Anyway, I just keep myself slow & steady.